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Projects in progress

MediaWiki Skin

MediaWiki skinning software development

MediaWiki is wiki software, which is used by several projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. It is an implementation of a wiki, a content pool that anyone can freely edit. It is developed using MediaZilla.

This design is dedicated to maximize the space for the main content page, and made Wiki as a professional web site which can be applied to many types of online business.

The main navigation menu has been moved to the top, and all the other tools are moved to the bottom, plus all the background are redesigned. It looks very clean and professional. It has all the MediaWiki facilities, but it's not "Mediawiki look".

This skin can be used from personal homepage to corporate web site.

Detail releases and source code can be located at Mediawiki Skins.

MediaWiki Extensions

MediaWiki Extension development

Google AdSense is the program that can give you advertising revenue from each page on your website—with a minimal investment in time and no additional resources.

This extension will allow you to add all types of Google AdSense as you need. It can display AdSense for content with specific channel, AdSense for search, and Referrals. Also you can put AdSense anywhere in your content page.

Detail releases and source code can be located at Mediawiki Extensions.

Projects Completed

ASP.NET web application for entertainment events

Big Event Student Project

Team Paul & Richard is creating a data-driven, interactive ASP.NET web application that allows users to look for entertainment events. It will allow users to browse through the site anonymously, and allow users to register to the site and login to access special features. We have three types of users: anonymous users, registered members, and editors.

Anonymous users will be able to browse our website, search for events, and get detailed information about an event and venue. Anonymous users will also be able to register to the site. In addition to the features that anonymous users have, registered members will also get access to some personalized information and services, such as a customized list of events in their selected favourite category or venue, and email notifications about new events. Editors will have all the services of a registered member, plus the ability to create, update, and delete events, venues, and categories, event media, as well as upload media files.

Technologies, Languages, and Tools:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • JavaScripts
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL Server 2000 database and ADO.NET
  • Visual Studio 2003

Details can be found at Big Event.

Java application for Information Management System

The Learning Path Information Management System

The Learning Path Information Management System ("LPIMS") will allow you to manage program information, manage student information, manage student attendance, manage student registration, manage tutor information, and manage system user information. The LPIMS will also have a backup and recovery feature. There are three access levels in the system: owner, supervisor, and tutor. Owners will have access to all of the features in the system. Supervisors will have access to the Manage Student Information feature, Manage Student Attendance feature, and some of the functions in the transaction feature. Tutors will have access to the Manage Student Attendance feature.

Technologies, Languages, and Tools:

  • Java
  • JUnit Testing
  • My SQL database
  • Rational Rose
  • NetBeans
  • Eclipse
  • Subversion (SVN)

Details can be found at Learning Path Information Management System.

PHP web application for personal web site

Text file based PHP personal web site

I was developing an my personal web site at Seneca College.

The web site was using PHP and JavaScript, all the content were stored in text file on the web server, every page was reading the file and generating the HTML page.

Technologies, Languages, and Tools:

  • PHP 5.04
  • JavaScript
  • Apache HTTP Server 2.0

Details can be found at Paul at Seneca.

OO Software Development - C

Store and maintain marks for a course

I was using the screen and various field classes to write an application which allows the user to store and maintain marks for a course.

The program stores the data in a fixed length (80 bytes) record file, the name of which may be specified as a command line parameter. If no file name is given, the file "btp300a.dat" is used. If the file already exists, the pre-existing data is made available for updating, otherwise a new file is created.

Technologies, Languages, and Tools:

  • C & C++

Details can be located at Mark Management.

Unit Testing Framework

Unit Testing Framework for Mozilla Firefox

Programmatic testing of software. The participant will take a section of code and write unit tests for it, fully testing all aspects of the code. This may require the creation of a unit testing framework and interfacing with other developers who know a particular module or service. The programmer will be adept at finding boundary cases and creating tests that deliberately break the software through code. These may lead to the creation of bugs in Bugzilla.

Click on Unit Testing Framework for details.

Mozilla Newsgroup Summaries

MDC:Newsgroup summaries

Weekly newsgroup summaries for Mozilla Developer Center.

Details can be located at Newsgroup summaries:mozilla-dev-l10n

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