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GuMax is the combination of Gu and Max; Gu is my last name, and Max is the abbreviation of "Maximization".

GuMax is a free software Mediawiki skin originally written for It's derived from Monobook skin. This design is dedicated to maximize the space for the main content page, and made Wiki as a professional web site which can be applied to many types of business that suits your needs.

The main navigation menu has been moved to the top, and all the other tools are moved to the bottom, plus all the background are redesigned. It looks clean and professional. It has all the MediaWiki facilities, but it's not "MediaWiki look".

This skin can be used from personal homepage to corporate web site.

GuMax skin contains following files and folders:

  • GuMax.php - This is main source file for this skin.
  • GuMax.deps.php
  • gumax - This folder contains all CSS and image files used by this skin.
    • gumax_main.css - This is main CSS file that imports all other CSS files.
    • gumax_mono.css - This is default Monobook CSS file, I keep this file for fast upgrading GuMax according to new Mediawiki release. This is part of my design that is easy to upgrade to latest Mediawiki.
    • gumax_template.css - This is main CSS file that defines GuMax skin.
    • gumax_link_navigation.css - This is the CSS file for links and navigations.
    • images - extra images except images from Monobook skin.
      • header - contains all images used by each pages. The file name should be lowercase page title with underscore between words instead of space; the format of image file can be png, jpg, gif, and bmp.
    • styles - This is extended styles comes with GuMax.
      • gumax - This folder contains CSS and image files used by this style only
      • gumax_grey - This folder contains CSS and image files used by this style only

Detail releases and source code can be found at Mediawiki Skins.

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