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Action Words by Achievements

These action words can be for use in curriculum vitae, applications, cover letters and interviews. It is very important to use words in your job search which demonstrate to the reader/listener that you have the skills and qualities they are seeking. The following list of action verbs can be used selectively for a variety of purposes. Analysis of your own skills and qualities will enable you to add other appropriate words to this list and suggest which words can most accurately describe your suitability for a particular job.

You may prefer to use the present tense and end the action words with .... ing.

The following have been arranged so as to suggest appropriate action worlds to use with specific achievements. This does not mean that they are only to be used in that way, or that there are not others that may be used equally as well. This is only meant to be a helpful guide

Public Relations and Human Resources

advised, appraised,, arbitrated, assisted, averted, balanced, coached, collaborated, consulted, counselled, defused, discussed, employed, encouraged, facilitated, grouped, guided, handled, hired, influenced, inspired, integrated, interviewed, involved, monitored, motivated, networked, postulated, recruited, sponsored, staffed, strengthened, supported, taught, trained, unified


addressed, amplified, conveyed, corresponded, demonstrated, edited, explained, facilitated, instructed, interviewed, lectured, moderated, participated, presented, represented, secured, set, up, sold, succeeded, surveyed, transformed, stimulated


arranged, composed, conceived, conceptualized, created, designed, developed, devised, displayed, enabled, enhanced, formulated, improved, inspired, invented, packaged, refined, reshaped, resolved, solved, structured

Technique and Authority

analyzed, arranged, augmented, authorised, activated, assembled, budgeted, calculated, catalogued, centralised, compared, compiled, completed, computed, decreased, delegated, enlarged, examined, expanded, generated, improvised, indexed, leveraged, oversaw, redesigned, reorganised, restructured, reviewed, revised, scheduled, single, handedly, synthesised, systematised, verified


adjusted, amended, arbitrated, assured, closed, defused, determined, evaluated, investigated, mediated, negotiated, observed, prioritised, proposed, renegotiated, sorted

Advertising and Promotions

accounted for, accelerated, accomplished, anticipated, convinced, generated, inspired, influenced, launched, motivated, persuaded, planned, predicted, promoted, prompted, recommended

Research and Analysis

applied, assessed, automated, calculated, charted, checked, classified, collated, collected, concluded, correlated, criticised, deduced, determined, developed, diagnosed, differentiated, discovered, disproved, documented, equated, experimental, explored, hypotheses, identified, investigated, logged, proved, related, researched, searched, solved, sorted, surveyed, synthesised, theorised


achieved, accomplished, acquired, adapted, adopted, adjusted, appropriated, avoided, awarded, anticipated, cajoled, consolidated, coopted, corrected, cultivated, delivered, detected, diagnosed, discovered, diverted, diversified, doubled, identified, effected, eliminated, founded, improved, identified, installed, inaugurated, instigated, introduced, lightened, launched, minimised, net, worked, pioneered, planned, produced, rectified, revolutionised, solved, saved, strengthened, surpassed, uncovered


activated, administered, authorised, commanded, conducted, contracted, controlled, co-ordinated, delegated, directed, enacted, established, exceeded, expanded, headed, implemented, incorporated, initiated, instructed, led, maintained, managed, obtained, organised, performed, produced, reduced, repositioned, responsibility for, retained, revised, revitalised, strengthened, supervised, trimmed, turned, around, undertook


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